Apply to be an instructor

Below is the link to apply to become an adult instructor for Camp Alec.  As a prerequisite you must have attended Karen and David’s literacy training.


Meet Drs. Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver

Karen EricksonDr.  Karen Erickson is the Director of the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies, and a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill within the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences.  A part of Karen’s literacy work focuses on assessment and instruction for individuals with significant disabilities.  Karen has helped to develop Tar Heel Reader, an online library of accessible stories for beginning readers.  Karen, along with David Koppenhaver, continue to hold workshops and trainings using the four  blocks whole to part assessment.

You can find Karen at:

David Koppenhaver Dr. David Koppenhaver is a professor at the Appalachian State University for the Department of Reading and Special Education.  David works with Karen Erickson researching the area of literacy for children with significant disabilities.  David is co-founder of the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.  You can find David at: