Indian Trails Host Camp for Camp ALEC 2015 August 9-15, 2015

What happens when you get a group of Special Needs Parents together?  You get things DONE!  You create CHANGE!

Indian Trails began in the 1950’s by a group of parents whose children did not have the same recreational activities as their peers, due to their disabilities.  So, with guidance from the Grand Rapids Public School System and the City of Grand Rapids granting a permanent site at AMAN Park to the camp, Indian Trails was born.  The first official camp was in 1953.

Indian Trails is a camp for the physically and developmentally disabled.  They offer camp activities for EVERYONE at camp.  Want to feel what it is like to fly through the trees?  Indian Trails can give  our kids that feeling through their zip line.  Yes, even for kids with physical disabilities.  They also offer a climbing wall, to give our kids that feeling of climbing Mt. Everest. (Let’s use our imagination here!)

When we visited Indian Trails it was on a beautiful fall day.  The red of the cabins blended beautifully with the yellows, golds and oranges of the leaves on the trees.  Each cabin features heated flooring (won’t need that this summer-I hope!), air-conditioning and-no bunk beds!  No fighting over who gets the bottom bunk!  Each cabin also features a screened in porch!  The cabins are in a semi circle, with a fire pit in the center.  Great community meeting space for all campers.

On the grounds is a fabulous play space adapted for all kids.  Indian Trails also offers many different bikes for kids to ride.  Even one that offers “off road” tires.  That would be the one I would try!  There is also a beautiful indoor heated swimming pool.  No worries about sunscreen or rainy weather to interfere with swimming activities.

Rootbeer lake, as it is affectionally called, is a man made lake for water activities.  Campers will be able to enjoy rides on their pontoon boat, perhaps cast a line to go fishing.  Catch dinner for the evening perhaps?

So many fun activities await us for the summer.  We can’t wait.  If you can’t wait to see the camp, check it out online, the link is below. If you want to, your camper could enjoy a winter weekend.  They are open year round.

We also hear the food is FABULOUS!

Indian Trails

IT fall cabins IT Fall Rootbeer Lake